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Are you craving click-worthy photo content that shows off your expert and leadership status?

Are you tired of the bland, generic visuals representing your brand?    

Let’s photobomb your business together.



the Free Capture Your Brand Story Photo Challenge

Discover the 6 Images Every Entrepreneur Needs & Learn How to Create a Stand-Out Brand

It’s time to move from invisible to impact, lost to leader and bland to brand with the power of visual storytelling.


During this FREE 7 day challenge you’ll receive a daily email full of photo goodness including:

+Visual strategies
+Brand photography tips
+Real image examples of real girl bosses
+Photo inspiration & suggestions
+Simple action prompts
+Cheat Sheet download

Author & Photographer, Mallika Malhotra

Author & Photographer, Mallika Malhotra


I have worked with hundreds of women entrepreneurs, helping them develop personalized visual strategies to share their story and grow their businesses. Not only is their message clearer, but they are also more confident in their brands.

By the end of the week, you will understand the key images every entrepreneur needs in their brand library to get noticed and connect with their audience. You will be able to compile your own shot list to share with a professional photographer or to capture yourself, DIY style. You will finally become a visual storytelling pro creating drool-worthy, on-brand content.




This 7 Day #captureyourbrandstory challenge will show you how to use visuals to boost your brand. Imagine sharing your story without saying a single word!