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what a wonderful response i received from last wednesday's image post of my friend sonali! so many loved her photograph. so many mentioned they wished they could take a similar one. so many talked about how we are always behind the cameras and rarely in front of it. in our lives as busy moms and women, there is always an excuse. we are waiting to lose those extra pounds. we need to get that haircut and color. we must shop for the perfect outfit. so the moment never comes around.

well, i say the time is NOW!! we should all get in front of the lens. we should document who we are at this very moment. because life is often on fast forward. and the experience of being in front of the camera, be it mine or yours, is so valuable. it might even open your eyes to the true beauty you are!

if you're interested in a yummy mummy portrait, contact me at mallika@mikifoto.com. i am in the process of putting together a fabulous mini session package. in the meantime, check out more images of this beauty......

thanks for reading,

mallika malhotra at mikifoto