Your Word of the Year | NJ Business Mentor


Happy New Year! Ready or not, 2019 is here, and with it comes new opportunities to explore and challenges to rise to.

Have you chosen a word of the year to set the tone for your next 365 days?

Different than a resolution, a word of the year represents the theme you want to create in your life. It acts as a guide or anchor to the choices you make and the activities you say YES to throughout the year. It's the desired feeling you want to have in 2019.

I like the flexibility of a word versus a hard goal. Since 2015, I’ve chosen one, and the impact it’s had on my life has been tremendous. Some of my previous words of the year include CONNECT, IMPACT, and SPACE.

So what is my word for 2019?

This year, I’ve chosen the word SURRENDER.

Yes, this energizer bunny / control freak is hoping to let go a little in 2019 and let the universe give me what I need. I am ready to welcome trust, ease and flow into my life.

After years of hustling in business, I think it’s time to have more faith and be OK with letting things unfold in their natural course. Will I stop working hard? NEVER! But I will change my mindset to be open and enjoy a slower pace.

So how did I come up with my word? What is the process?

There are lots of different ways, but this is the exercise that I personally use when choosing a word to guide me all year long.



Sit down in a quiet space and think over the past year. Write down your accomplishments, your favorite moments, your collaborations, your challenges. What worked well in 2018? What did you struggle with? Do a massive brain dump as you recap your year. Include the highs and the lows.


Think about how you want your life and business to feel. How do you want to wake up everyday? What do you want more of in your life? What do you want less of? Stop, quiet your mind and really think about the emotion and feeling that you want to have for yourself. Ask yourself what you need.



Think about your goals and aspirations. What do you hope to achieve? Where do you want to go with your business? Paint the picture in your mind and jot down a few words that describe what and who you will be in the future.


Now that you’ve done the prep work, see if there are any common threads or patterns. Write those words down, then add to the list any other words that are coming to you. Don't over edit or overthink. Just freely write and allow yourself to be open. This cheat sheet from Happiness is Homemade can help your creative juices flow.



From your list, pick 3-4 words that really resonate with you. What words make you feel inspired? I like to sit with them for a few days. I think about them ALOT, even writing them down on index cards and sticking them on my computer screen. Over time, MY specific word just comes to me. It starts to make sense and feel right.


Once you have your word, share it! Declare it to the world. Let it be known so it opens the door to having some impact in your life. Even me, a non-woo kind of gal, believes in this practice. The more you say things out loud and to your world, the more it will create the change you’re asking for.

The key to choosing your own word of the year? Start reflecting and give yourself permission to let your own personal spark reveal itself to you. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, but I hope my process can help move you toward selecting a word that will impact and guide you to a productive and memorable 2019!

Have you chosen a word of the year? Let’s hear it in the comments!