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Got big plans to up your email marketing game in 2019?

Then you’ve (hopefully) been giving some serious thought to HOW you’re going to collect those email addresses in the first place. It’s not as easy as just asking for them. The days of having a small box in the corner of your website asking visitors to sign up for your newsletter are long gone. Today, to be given that coveted email address, you’ve gotta earn it, baby!

But how can you entice your readers to hand over their precious email address?

The secret is in the OPT IN!

Simply put, an opt in (also known as a lead magnet) is a piece of free content that’s given as an incentive to potential buyers in exchange for their email address. You offer this little gem of content to your audience and in return, you get their contact info to build your email list.

So what makes a good lead magnet, anyway?

1) It solves a problem. You need to give your customer something that they are longing for.

2) It offers a quick win. It has to help them easily achieve something.

3) It is super specific. Your freebie should be super focused on a single benefit and not too general.

4) It’s easy to consume. Beware of creating something too long or complicated. One page PDFs usually do well because they are a quick read that is easy to digest and implement.

5) It offers high value. Your freebie needs to be valuable. It must contain information that is worth your audience's time (and email address).

6) It positions you as the expert. This is your time to shine! Let your opt in content demonstrates your expertise so that the reader wants to come back for more.


Now that we’ve established what elements are needed in a great opt in, let’s look at some easy and effective formats you can create to generate lots of leads. Here’s a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1) Checklist

2) Cheat Sheet

3) Pre-written Script

4) Calendar or Planner

5) Resource List

6) Workbook

7) Printable

8) Prompts

9) Recipes

10)Tutorial or Educational Video

11) Mini Guide

12) Free Chapter

13) Free Coaching Call

14) Quiz

15) Challenge

16) Free Trial

17) Coupon or Discount

18) Case Study

Want to see a real-life opt in at work? Feel free to check out mine, The Brand Photography Look Book HERE.


Email marketing is a powerful tool that shouldn’t be overlooked or underestimated. It will significantly assist you in building lasting relationships with your audience. The truth is, we should always be building our email list because it's the only thing we actually own. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram could be changed, taken away or could even begin charging fees in the future. As business owners, we can't always rely on them as our main mode of communication with our followers.

If opt in ideas and execution are a struggle for you, I’m here to help. Join my free Facebook group, Brand Confidential, and share any ideas you might have for your lead magnet. Our community is active and supportive so you will definitely get some feedback.