your business selfie | nj business photographer

My mother always told me that first impressions mean everything. In today's social media world, she couldn't be more right.  If you're an entrepreneur, your first impression online can make or break your business. It's tougher now to get away with the typical headshot in front of a beige screen. Clients and readers want you to wow them. Dynamic, impactful photos are necessary to get you and your brand noticed.

Prospects want to feel your passion and your spark for your business. They want to know, like and trust you before they invest in you.

So how do you do this? How do you create imagery that will help you stand out from the crowd? For one, hiring a professional is key.  Selfies aren't good for business (save those for Instagram).  Then determine the key personality traits and core values that best describe you. Do you want to be seen as fun and vibrant? Or is it thoughtful and trustworthy? Maybe even enlist some help from your friends on how they see you. Use these words to direct your portrait.  Remember there is only one YOU so it's important to pull out the traits that make you unique. Then when it's photo day, relax, have fun and be yourself.  Trust and communicate with your photographer.  You'll be surprised how your spark can be captured in your eyes or smile.

If your business image is a selfie or a snapshot that your neighbor took, I would love to help you properly capture your passion for your business.  I am collaborating with a team of ladies (hair, makeup, jewelry) to help you feel beautiful inside and out.  Join us for our next Get Gorgeous photography event on July 23rd at Blow In Blow Out in Summit, NJ.  Sign up is here :