young rock stars * gainesville, florida child & teen photographer

meet davis and camden.  older brother plays guitar in a garage band.  he is fifteen, quiet and soulful.  and his hands become electric when they play music. younger brother, camden, is eleven and in fifth grade.  his sense of humor and confidence made him seem older.  he too is artistically inclined and loves to sing and act.  both boys were loaded with talent and good looks. we met out in newberry for our photo session.  our goal was to create images that were like CD covers.  i loved the trains, texture and grit of downtown newberry.  it was the perfect match for the boys' rocker style.

this shoot was so fun for me. i loved trying something new and these young men made so many great images.  here are my favorites and yes, there are plenty.  i couldn't help myself!

thanks for reading, mikifoto by mallika malhotra