worth the wait * gainesville, florida child photographer

i have to thank the raymond and colburn families for their patience. after i photographed their beautiful kiddos, i went on vacay for a week. so my usual turnaround time to see the sneak peak was way prolonged. and there is nothing worse then having to wait to see an image or two. but i hope you agree that it was worth the wait because there are plenty of gorgeous images of the brother-brother, sister-sister and cousin combos. i had a ball with these kids. they were full of life and happy and just loved to play. kanapaha park was the perfect backdrop to have them run and be free. my camera already loves photographing the red-headed duo of ali and kate. and their cousins, jacob and kade, were just as charming and outgoing. they all looked like they came straight out of a clothing catalog.

here is the long-awaited sneak peak....

thanks for reading, mikifoto by mallika malhotra