Word of The Year | NJ Photographer & Entrepreneur

Happy 2016! This time of year always fills me with new hope. It's a fresh start with (as of today) 361 days of endless possibilities. We are given the gift of a clean slate. A new chance to dream big, make changes, apply new habits and create a life that we want. 

I used to write a long list of resolutions. But only after a few weeks into the new year, I would fail to deliver and feel defeated and discouraged.  A few years back I found Susanna Conway's word of the year project. Instead of a list of rules, she encouraged choosing a word to act as a guiding light for the year. Your word becomes your intention, your promise and your compass for what you hope unravels during the next 12 months.

I loved this practice and chose "CREATE" in 2015. As I look back at the year, I can see that I did indeed create a lot from new workshops to photography packages to enrolling in a watercolor art class. 

This year I took the five day challenge to determine my word for 2016. I highly recommend it, especially if resolutions don't work for you. It will help you reflect and think openly on what you hope for the new year.

I am excited to share my word for 2016....

My hope is to continue to inspire others to share their stories through photography, branding and creativity to feel more confident and connected in life and business. I want my passion for storytelling to create IMPACT for people, for businesses, for the world. I want to spark new ways of thinking, more sharing and deeper connecting.  

I have no idea yet how this will all unravel. Of course, I have a million ideas floating in my head. But I am excited about the journey and this intention for 2016. 

Share your word of the year and how you found it! I would LOVE to know!