Where should I be sharing my content? | NJ Brand Mentor


Increasing your online visibility is a hot topic for entrepreneurs. Everyone is looking for ways to be seen more frequently by their audience.

With so many platforms, where is the best option to start sharing your brand story?

As you know, there are several places for business owners to share content. Blogs, newsletters, websites, Instagram, Facebook are just a few of the countless options available for you to engage with your audience. Trying to select the specific channels that will bring you the visibility you’re craving for your biz can feel overwhelming. 

Here’s how to choose the right platforms to share your brand story:

1) Start small. Let go of the idea that you need to be everywhere. When you begin to put your brand story out there, start small. This is how you will grow, learn what works, and build confidence in sharing your story. If you try to be everything to everyone right off the bat, you’ll feel overwhelmed and overworked. 

Instead, choose 1-2 platforms and measure your impact there first. Then, after you’ve mastered those couple of platforms, you can expand your sphere of influence by including more channels in your visibility plan.


2) Find your audience. When deciding where to share and be visible, think about your ideal clients and where they spend their time. Where are they hanging out? What platform are they visiting first thing in the morning? How do they like to consume information? 

Be sure to pick the channels where your clients are showing up consistently. Targeting moms? Don’t overlook Facebook where most moms are engaging daily. Trying to reach business professionals? LinkedIn is where you’ll find them. 


3) Consider your comfort level. Think about the places YOU you like to hang out and be engaged online. What platforms do you enjoy and feel connected to already? Do you already have an established following somewhere online? 

Especially if you are new to using social media for your business, starting out with a platform or medium for sharing content that you’re already familiar with will eliminate extra stress as you begin the process of building an online brand. 

If you're a natural writer, focus on writing blog posts. If you have a love for photography, Instagram may be your jam. If engaging on Facebook groups is second nature to you, start there. 


4) Be consistent. In order for any visibility plan to be sustainable, you have to be committed. The best place to focus your efforts is the place that you can be on a consistent basis. When choosing a place to share content, make sure you are committed to showing up day in and day out. 

Potential clients need to see you consistently to recognize your brand and build trust in your products or services. 


When it comes to sharing your content online, don’t just add to the noise without a plan. 

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