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With the rise of online marketing and social media, more and more people in business are talking about brand photography. Entrepreneurs and small business owners need images and visuals for websites, blogs, Facebook, newsletters and more. There is a desire to stand out, build relationships with our audience and be seen as an expert in our overly saturated worlds. 

What is Brand Photography?

Currently, there isn't a standard definition for this type of photography. It's a newer niche. I like to define brand photography as a collection of customized, cohesive images that represent the style and story of your brand. These visuals are professional photos that communicate who you are, what you do and how it feels to work with you. There is an intention and strategy behind this visual communication.


Why do you need brand photos?

Strong imagery can build brand awareness and a connection with your audience. Imagine telling the story of your business : your purpose, your personality, your process, your passions through impactful photos. You can take your audience on a journey of your brand experience through storytelling. This type of photography digs deeper and can help you capture your audience's attention.This helps the viewer understand your business better, builds trust and inspires them to take action.

How is brand photography different then a headshot? 

Brand photos and headshots are two different genres. Both important for your marketing efforts, but headshots are often used in your profile pics, LinkedIn and About Me pages. It's a portrait primarily focused on a person's face and taken from the shoulders up.  I consider headshots your virtual handshake. They communicate that you are a professional and a legitimate business owner, while also giving a hint of your personality. While we all need a good one to make a strong first impression, this portrait can sometimes be one dimensional and not great at communicating the many layers of your business. Sometimes a headshot is not enough to establish the know, like and trust factor. And if you are in a saturated industry, where everyone shares the same title, then you need to work extra hard to stand out.

Example of headshots

Example of headshots

Brand photography on the other hand can take your audience on a deeper journey into your business. These images are customized and include environments, styling and props that were strategically chosen to tell your fuller story. These images communicate different expressions, moods and facets of your personality allowing you to create a recognizable style. These images have purpose and intention, encouraging your audience to connect with you.

Example of brand photos

Example of brand photos

Brand photography is a powerful tool to communicate your experience without the pushy sales pitch. It can build a strong connection to your audience leading to client relationships. It can create a memorable brand that not only solves your clients problems but inspires them. Consider investing in brand photography and soon you can create an engaging brand that moves from invisible to impact.

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