What is a Mastermind + An Exciting Announcement!


Earlier this year, I celebrated the 10 year anniversary of MikiFoto + Co. Over the past decade, I’ve invested in a lot of tools to grow my business: expensive equipment, business coaches, DIY courses, in-person conferences — you name it. While each tool had its own merit, the one thing that made the biggest difference in my professional and personal growth by far was my participation in a mastermind.

So what exactly is a mastermind?

Simply put, it’s a small group of people who meet together on a regular basis to reach a specific goal and to act as a support network for each other.

Napoleon Hill of “Think and Grow Rich” defined the Mastermind Principle as “The coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more people who work towards a definite purpose in a spirit of harmony…no two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind” (aka the Mastermind).

Masterminds can come together in several ways: in person or virtually, led by a coach or co-led by all the participants. They can take place over a a 90-day period or last an entire year. Many masterminds are paid programs, but some are free.


Why do I need a mastermind?

The concept that two heads are better than one has never been more true than in business. Imagine being surrounded with five or six dedicated and like-minded entrepreneurs who are acting as your personal advisory board. This inner circle can offer advice, counsel, ideas, support, camaraderie, and feedback. They give you the push you need to move out of your comfort zone and to challenge yourself in different areas of your business.  

Let’s not forget to mention another equally important benefit — relationships. The solopreneur life can be lonely. If you are an entrepreneur who spends a lot of time in your home office behind a laptop, a group mastermind may be just the cure you need for those mind-numbing feelings of isolation. When you interact with other business owners, they can spark inspiration, momentum and accountability to move you closer to your goals.



How do I find a mastermind?

There are many coaches and mentors who lead mastermind groups for a fee. The typical length of time for this type of group is 90 days. You pay for their organization of the group, their guidance and their expertise. The leaders are responsible for filling the groups and facilitating the meetups and process. Some well-known masterminds include: Savor the Success Circles, Savvy Circles with Learn Savvy, Accelerator Mastermind with Nevica Vazquez and Savvy Business Circle with Heather Crabtree. You can also do a quick Google search or ask in your favorite business Facebook group for leads.

If you don’t want to pay to participate in a group or if you desire more customization, another option is to create your own mastermind. Last year, a friend and I joined forces to do just that. We’d both been involved in paid masterminds in the past and wanted to create a different experience this time around. We wanted more control in who would be invited, wanted a longer timeframe, and frankly, didn’t want to have to pay. We developed a framework and formula to create a highly engaged and highly motivated mastermind — and it was a huge success!


As I went through the process of creating and facilitating this group, I learned so much about what an effective mastermind needs to thrive. My desire is for others to experience the same positive benefits.

And this brings me to my exciting announcement! I am excited to share a NEW offering that I have in the works.

While I love working with clients one on one, I’ve always wanted to be able to help more people at once as well. In the past, I’ve hinted at the idea of an online group program.

Well, it's finally HAPPENING!

After having multiple conversations with so many of you, I’ve learned that what you need most is help:

  • crafting your story

  • getting more visibility

  • planning your action steps

Very soon in September, I’ll be launching my very first online group program to help women entrepreneurs stand out online with ease, fun and results.

Would you consider a 10 week intensive with me?

This group will be an intimate mastermind experience (8 people) facilitated by yours truly. It will include group calls, accountability, weekly lessons and more. Participation is by application only, so the group will consist only of lady bosses who are serious about growth and ready to learn my brand secrets to make their mark. Click HERE if you would like to learn more and be considered for the program.

And keep an eye out for more news and the official launch soon! 😍