Webinar Alert : How to Create a Click-Worthy Website | NJ Brand Photographer

Studies show that you have about 7 seconds to make an impression on your website. In this short amount of time, you have to communicate :

who you are

what you do

what you want the viewer to do

Not to mention, sprinkle in some story and emotion to build connection and engagement. That is A LOT to do in so little time.

So how do we create websites that stand out and make connections? How do we convert viewers into clients?  How do we keep our audience's attention and maximize every page on our site?

My friend and web + brand designer, Holly Meyer of Holly Meyer Design and I are discussing those topics in an upcoming webinar: How to Create a Click-Worthy Website on Friday, Jun 9th at 12 PM EST. We are sharing each of our expertise, Holly's is web design and mine is brand photography, and how both are so important to building a dynamic website that captivates and books clients. All LIVE and for FREE. 

Join us for a friendly, fun conversation and learn our design and photo strategies for the most important pages of your website. We even created a mock website to illustrate our points on how to create an engaging, eye-catching website that converts. You can join the webinar HERE. 

Let's say so long to boring websites that look like everyone else's and fail to stand out. Let's kiss non-converting websites good bye. It's time to get the tools to create the website that you have always dreamed of and that connects with your audience. See you at the webinar!