we are family * gainesville, florida family photographer

with holidays around the corner, it's my time of year to photograph families. everyone gets cleaned up. clothes are carefully selected and ironed. children are gently reminded to be on their best behavior. and smiles are abundant. but with four or five different personalities and ages in front of the camera, photography can be a challenge. not everyone looks at the camera at the same time. not everyone feels themselves. so we talk. i ask questions and everyone answers. there is some laughter, some teasing. we walk around to different locations and everyone relaxes. we tell stories, reminisce old memories. and everyone grins and looks happy. and then you get the natural, i love my family smiles that make for timeless, beautiful portraits.

this is exactly what we achieved for the delaney family. i met them for the first time in the haile village center and we slowly got to know each other. mia is 10 and jackson is 8, both full of personality. especially when standing side by side. they love going to the beach as a family. and they were comfortable, fun-loving and affectionate. and they take a fine looking family photo.

here are some of my favorites from their session... thanks for reading, mikifoto by mallika malhotra