Watch me Edit | NJ Brand Photographer


For the love of Instagram! I am completely obsessed with this platform and love the story telling capability. It's a powerful tool to humanize your brand and connect with your audience one photo at a time.

With so many editing apps out there, what to choose! I have three favorite apps for editing my photos : Instagram, Pic Tap Go and VSCO. I probably do 80% of my edits right in the Instagram app. It has all the functions you need and it's honestly, super duper easy. 

Strive for a consistent look that resonates with your branding. Find a formula or filter that fits and stick with it! The feeds that don't connect with viewers are usually the ones that have a random look to it. 

If you are new to Instagram and photo editing on your smart phone, be patient and practice. Start with watching this intro Instagram editing video below. And then start trying and exploring on your own. 

Hope this helps and there will be more short videos coming your way. If you have anything in particular that you need help with, shoot me an email at Have fun!