Visibility & Video Making | NJ Photographer & Branding Strategist

I often talk about becoming the “face of your business”. Putting yourself out there as a walking breathing billboard for your brand. Allowing your audience to see you, hear you and learn from you. Humanizing your brand with your story to create a connection and trust. 

It’s the way to grow business and reach a wider market. And if you’ve been online, you know video marketing is everywhere from CEOs to aspiring musicians to creative grandmas. Everyone seems to be doing it. But it’s not easy to take the leap! It’s down right terrifying at first, especially if you are not used to being in FRONT of the camera. 

One of my goals for 2016 was to incorporate a video series into my brand. I call it, “Get Inspired Fridays” and cover various topics from entrepreneurship, branding, photography and creativity. I am still a newbie but I am three videos in. I will tell you that it gets a little tiny bit easier with every recording.

If you are thinking about video, I say JUMP! Come join me in the video world and consider these three starting tips:

  1. Share what you know. We all have our areas of expertise. Make a list of things that you are an expert in and are passionate about. Write out questions that your clients, colleagues, friends or Facebook friends have asked that you know the answers too. This is your content. Keep an ongoing list.
  2. Start short and small. The most watched videos are the ones less then 4-5 minutes. You don’t need to give an encyclopedia answer. Keep it simple and digestible. Don’t forget to include a call to action at the end - “Come back next week!” or “Find me on Instagram @mikifotonj” or “Visit my blog for my recent article”.  
  3. Introduce yourself. Don’t forget to give a brief intro in every video of who you are, whatyou do and what the video will cover. Your following may grow so you need to make sure viewers know who you are.
  4. Find good light. I shoot my videos with my iPhone and have a crazy set up where I stack a bunch of books to get it eye level. I am always facing a big window (not too close) so the light source is opposite my face. The most flattering light is even and soft. Then I shoot in a horizontal orientation and in mirror mode so I can see myself. Not professional status by any means, but it works for now!
  5. Practice! Before you hit record, script it and practice your speech in a mirror. Numerous times. Feel comfortable with your words. If you find yourself stumbling, then maybe you don’t know the content as well as you should consider another topic. 
  6. Dismiss perfection. I give myself five tries to get the video done. That’s it! Then I pick the best one and post it. Don’t obsess with getting it done perfectly without any hiccups - it rarely happens. Focus on progress.

These are the steps that I follow for my video creation and here are two of my latest four videos. I am still a work in progress and welcome any feedback to do it better. So share your tips or tricks! And if you are interested in seeing more of my video growth, visit my Facebook Page or Youtube Channel.

It’s the first step that is the hardest! You already have a smart phone, so put on some lipstick, find some pretty light and get started. You can do this!