travel bug

Maybe it's all this snow that we're having. Or the cold temperatures that are keeping me trapped inside. But recently, I have been getting that itch to travel.  To pack my bags, grab my passport and get the heck out of this polar vortex.  I am dreaming of exotic places, sandy beaches, spicy foods….adventure.  Winter really takes its toll on my spirit.  I honestly can say that I am over it. Counting the days until warmer weather arrives or better yet, a trip somewhere! Until then, here are some images to wet your appetite for travel….


2013-12-16_004 2013-12-16_007 2013-12-16_008 2013-12-16_010 2013-12-16_012 2013-12-16_013 2013-12-16_019 2013-12-16_023 2013-12-16_027 2013-12-16_032

2013-12-16_030 2013-12-16_035