Thriving Mama Reboot | NJ Business Owner

I call it beautiful chaos. The children. The home. The business. The hubby. It all comes together in a crazy swirl and there are moments that my head spins out of control. I often say "my brain is hurting" will all the things I have to do, remember and plan. 

Do you ever feel this way? 

I think many of us Moms who also work from home are conflicted. We constantly are doing BOTH - raising family and working on our businesses. They overlap and blend into each other. We are constantly being pulled in multiple directions. There are days that are easier then others. Then there are those days that are really tough. Those are the ones when you need a break and what my friend, Jennifer Bronsnick of The Mindful Family, calls a reboot.

Imagine being in a supportive group and learning how to feel like a peaceful and calm Mom. Starting May 1st for 5 days, Jen B. will be leading and teaching simple tools to reclaim the joy in motherhood. There will short videos, articles and prompts that will inspire us to work on ourselves.   And we can be part of a community of other Moms who are going through similar experiences. Coming off of a staycation with my three kiddos, I know I will be needing this reboot. Plus, there will be a chance to win some really fun prizes. 

Want to join me on the journey to becoming a confident and calm Mom who is loving her kiddos and loving her biz? Get the insider pass here : Hope to see you in the group!