Three Traits of a Captivating Brand | NJ Brand Expert


Nike, Starbucks, Target, SoulCycle, Zappos, Marie Forleo and Danielle Laporte — all great brands who’ve captivated their audience and built a strong following. People are LOYAL to these brands. They are drawn to them and can't help but talk about them, recommend them, and buy from them.

The customer experience of these brands offers something distinctive and memorable; they've made a positive imprint in the customer's mind. They present a lifestyle that their audience yearns to be part of — almost to the point of a cult following. (Who else here is addicted to Target?)

So how do you create a similarly magnetic brand?

How do you hook your audience and create ambassadors for your business?

How do you become the one they choose when there are endless options presented?

After years of studying successful brands, I’ve found the best of the best share these three common elements. These traits are key for building a captivating brand and are essential for strengthening loyalty and improving your sales conversions.


1) Know your Audience. Always know and understand your customers needs, their dreams, and their frustrations. You must especially know your audience’s pain points. Engage with them, ask them questions, and show empathy. Position yourself as the guide and your products and services as the solution. And your clients? They are always the hero.

For instance, take a look at Zappos. They understand that buyers want customer service. They want to receive their shoes quickly but also want the return process to be easy peasy. Zappos listened and offered free shipping both ways plus 365-day, no-questions-asked returns. The experience is ALL about the customer, and as a result, they have a loyal, shoe-loving fan base.


2) Be strategic and focused. Strong brands know their business well and are consistent with their message. Make sure to be clear on what you stand for and what kind of results your business provides. Never stray from that or you'll appear confused and contradictory.

Need a real life example? SoulCycle specializes strictly on spinning, and their studio is founded on the values of community, joy and inspiration. They preach these values in all of their communications and touch points (from the actual class all the way to their line of fitness clothing). As a result, SoulCycle has become a wellness brand worthy of $35 classes and boasts a tribe of eager followers.


3) Share your story. There are many layers to your business. Give your customers a glimpse of them. Share who you are as a person, share your vibe and your personality. Give them a reason to connect with you so they feel something and want to be part of your community.

Many small business owners have fallen in love with Marie Forleo because of her straight-talking, fun-loving personality. We know she is a NJ girl, a lover of hip hop and at one time was a waitress, a fitness instructor, and a life coach. We have been included in the 360  view of her story. We feel like she’s our bestie, like we really know her. As a result, she’s become the queen of online business and has quite the dedicated following of B-School lovers.

What favorite brands are you loyal to? What is it about them that attracts you?

Take a look at your own brand and see if you can improve on any of these elements to create your own magnetic experience. When we dedicate ourselves, dig into our customer’s needs, and do the hard work, our brands will benefit. We can then begin to build a business that inspires, connects, and has long term value.

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