this is pfeiffer beach | nj lifestyle photographer

If you ever find yourself driving up the California coast on Route 1 and looking for a pit stop, check out Pfeiffer Beach. This hidden gem is located before Big Sur. There are no real signs so you can miss it easily. Lucky for us, my oldest son, read all about the nearby landmarks so we were able to find it.  Once you find the hidden turn, it is a 2 mile drive to the beach.  There is a $10 parking fee but it was worth it. The beach was unique, peaceful and really beautiful.  The sand was said to be purple (I thought it looked white) from manganese garnet washed down from the hillside. I loved the keyhole rock and the sounds of the wave crashing.  We all loved the break from the car and breathing in some ocean air, while stretching our legs. So much natural beauty on the California coast!

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