The WOW Factor | NJ Business Photographer

We all expect good customer service. The support we get when purchasing a product or service or the help we receive when solving a problem. It could be a knowledgeable salesperson who helps you find the perfect dress or a no-questions asked return policy. But the businesses and brands that stand out from the rest are those that do much more. They WOW their customers with an engaging experience. 

This is how I feel when I enter my friend, Lori's Millburn dress boutique, Dressed by Lori. Every detail is welcoming front the fresh tulips on the table, to the pink vintage couch to the cute back room coffee station. You feel like a guest at a party instead of a customer in a store. 

Lori, like a good hostess, is warm, friendly and attends to every detail. She knows her store's merchandise inside and out. While you are trying something on in the dressing room, she already has another option waiting for you outside. She tucks, nips and offers honest feedback. She wants you to leave feeling beautiful and confident. Every dress purchase is packaged like art with gorgeous tissue and ribbon. 

Good business is more then customer service. It is about creating relationships with your customers. Making them feel welcome and special. I have learned so much from Lori's high- touch approach for my own business. It's the little things, the personal touches and the attention that create customer loyalty. Surprise and delight your clients and they will always stay with you

Lori recently hosted my Style & Focus photography event for women in business. Of course, she was the hostess with the mostess creating an environment where our ladies felt beautiful and special. If you haven't already visited her boutique, you must stop by. If not for the dresses, for the experience.