The truth about your visuals | NJ Brand Photographer


Do you ever wonder what your audience thinks when they see your visuals? What goes through their mind when they are visiting your website and looking at your slideshow? What is their first impression when they see your profile pic? I hate to break it to you but your viewers are indeed judging you. Your audience is summing you up in a few seconds and making a quick decision to click on or click out. 

After photographing hundreds of entrepreneurs and being an expert in visual storytelling, here are 5 questions your audience is asking themselves as they view, click and look through your brand photos :

1: Is she a professional? 

Your photo will quickly convey if you are a professional or not. If you are using a selfie or poor quality image to represent your business, you are communicating that you are not serious or legitimate. If you believe in your brand, then make the investment for a professional headshot. People will notice.

professional headshot

2: Will I like her?  

Share your personality and your vibe in your visuals. People are more interested in YOU then your products/services so build a connection with them. Viewers will look at your photo and wonder, "can I be friends with her? - is she likable?" Be sure to include a photo that shows off your personal side.

3: Can I relate to her?

Our lives have become so busy that we don't have time to connect with everyone. We want to build relationships with people who share our goals, our dreams, our values and our lifestyle. Share how you live and how you work. Share how you view the world and what you believe in. These stories will build connection and trust. 

4: Is she a leader? 

We want to surround ourselves with people who are leaders, who are movers and shakers. People that are a few steps ahead of us so they can inspire and motivate us to get closer to our goals and our versions of success. Show off your successes and take people on the journey of your business so that you can attract your tribe. 


5: Is she the real deal?

Sometimes in the online world, you'll encounter some fakes. People who don't appear as they seem. Maybe their imagery is too cultivated or too perfect? Maybe their story isn't always consistent? As a result, we do extensive research before hiring someone. We look at Facebook feeds, scroll through Instagram and click away at websites to figure out who that person really is. Make sure to included images of yourself that are authentic, real and look/feel like you. There is nothing worse then finding someone you love online but are not crazy about in person. Don't confuse your prospects. Be sure to present yourself in an honest manner. 

We are living in a visual world! Visual storytelling is a powerful tool to sharing your message. Think about how we all stalk and scroll through photos. Your audience relies on images and the stories they tell as part of the decision making process to work or not work with you. So take a good look at the brand photos that you are using to represent your business. Then ask yourself these five questions based on what you see - you may be surprised at your answers! 

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