the love of music


When my oldest son, Niko, was in first grade, he asked us to sign him up for violin lessons. At first, I was weary because no one in our family had ever played a string instrument.  Piano, yes…but not the violin. But he insisted and was truly very interested.

He has been playing now for 5 years and has progressed so far. I remember the painful screeching sounds in the first few years. But he was committed and practices 4-5 times a week at home. I even find him humming his pieces during the day. He truly loves this instrument.

Recently, we enrolled him in the New Jersey Youth Orchestra.  He had to audition and we were thrilled to learn that he was admitted to the junior symphony.  He had his first big performance this past weekend and I was so impressed by these young musicians.  The sound was so big and rich.  They played beautifully well.  A proud proud moment for me as a parent.


As a child, my parents made me study piano for 5 years.  Today I only know one piece and can barely play it at all. So it amazes me to watch my son love the violin.  Some days the pieces are really complicated but he never gives up.  He actually likes it.  So we encourage him. And nowadays, the screeching sounds are replaced with beautiful music.