The Importance of Community for the Mom Boss | NJ Brand Photographer


10 years ago, the term “Mom Boss” was unfamiliar, but today, it’s a term we here quite often. You can’t look far in entrepreneurial circles without spotting this inspiring movement of moms whose mission is to follow their passion while simultaneously raising their families.

Today, there are books, movies, Facebook groups, events, and podcasts all centered around the crazy yet fulfilling life of a mom business owner. Her struggle, to raise both her business and her family well, is recognized. These passionate mom entrepreneurs are uniting together to discuss how overwhelming and confusing it can feel to balance their two passions, but also how amazing it feels then they find their purpose.


The In Her Shoes: Mom Boss event, hosted by HIP New Jersey and New Jersey Family at Bloomingdales, is an excellent example of how far we’ve come. These entities recognized the need that mom entrepreneurs have for support and honest conversation and came together to host an incredible event that inspired and encouraged everyone in attendance.

From the panel and the interviews in this video, you’ll hear from real mom entrepreneurs who are on this crazy, wonderful Mom Boss journey. You’ll take a peek into their lives and struggles and see and feel the excitement and energy of the women coming together.

I’m personally so proud to be part of the mompreneur community.

As a business owner and Mom for almost 16 years, I’ve learned many lessons.

However, my biggest takeaway from my years of experience is this piece of advice:  




Make it a priority to seek out women who share the same goals, lifestyle, challenges and values as you do.

Create a support network so you can learn from each other.

Develop an inner circle to act as your advisory board.

Find women who will inspire you to dream bigger.

Join a program, such as a mastermind, to keep you honest, accountable and on track with your goals.

For me, this has been a game changer for my personal and professional development. It has helped me feel less isolated in my business and complete big goals like writing a book and launching my website. The sense of connection and community I receive from meeting with my tribe of mompreneurs is priceless and is truly the key to my success.


So, practically speaking, how you do find a group of like-minded women to connect with?

Here are some suggestions:

* Attend live business events or networking groups

Put a few of these on your calendar every year and make them a priority. Not only will you meet some incredible people, but you’ll be able to disconnect from the the day to day stress of running your business for a few hours.

* Participate in online Facebook groups

Be visible in these groups. While I don’t recommend letting them take over your life, be sure to pop in often to share your own tips, wins, and struggles. Ask questions and gain insights from others. Support other members and share your own wisdom as well.

* Lead a business pow-wow with lady boss friends

Host a get together yourself! Let it be as formal or non-formal as you feel comfortable. Book a private room at a coffee shop, meet for lunch at your favorite restaurant, etc. The point is to get together with your mompreneur friends to connect and encourage each other on a regular basis.

* Join a mastermind program

A Mastermind is a small group of people who meet together on a regular basis to reach a specific goal and to act as a support network for each other. As I’ve mentioned, joining a mastermind was a complete game changer for my business. The support I’ve received from this group of mompreneurs has been a lifeline.


* Invite business friends to connect online  

Dubbed “coffee chats” by those in the online biz world, these quick meetings that take place over Zoom or Skype with a warm cup of coffee in hand can be a welcomed way to connect with other moms on a day when leaving the house just isn’t an option.

* Attend conferences, workshops, retreats

These events are so worth the investment. They’re promoted everywhere, but if your not sure which event is right for you, ask around in the Facebook groups I mentioned above. You’ll meet so many new connections and boost visibility for your business, too!

* Offer help in your area of expertise.

Look for ways to serve the larger mompreneur community by offering up your talents to other moms in business. Go live on Facebook or speak at a local conference. Whether you are the queen of copywriting, an expert at branding, or something else, look for ways to help those who are struggling in that area.


Finding your tribe doesn’t happen overnight. It can take time. You must push yourself to get out of your comfort zone and stop hiding behind your screen. Let go of the mindset that you can do it all on your own, and begin to build relationships. It’s way more fun to have a comunity to cheer you on!

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