the golden hour | nj child photographer

In the photography world, the golden hour is the period of time right before sunset. For many of us, it is the optimal time to shoot.  There is something truly magical and luminous about the sunlight at this time of day.  See how the light dances in her hair. See how the sun beams spill from the sky.  I just love love love the halo glow. Simply beautiful! (And of course my subject too!) 2014-08-22_0002 2014-08-27_0008 2014-08-27_0009 2014-08-27_0010 2014-08-27_0011


Try it yourself. Grab your camera at 6-ish  in the evening  and see how the light falls on your subjects.  Let me know if you too can see the magic in this golden hour.