the copeland charm

i love to photograph children that i know well.  they already feel comfortable with me.  we have a rapport.  i get their personalities.  it's just fun shooting. this is the experience i have when i'm with the copeland girls, abigail and amelia. abigail is a 6 year old supermodel, fashion stylist, budding photographer and makeup artist.  within seconds, she can tell you if your lipgloss works with your outfit.  she's outspoken, sassy and oh so precocious.  there is never a dull moment and at the end of our session, she has me wrapped around her little finger.

amelia (or mimi) is quite different in personality.  first her voice is so soft and sweet, that i have to watch her mouth move to make sure i hear her correctly.  she is very gentle.  sometimes shy.  but if you talk about her hero, diego, just watch how her eyes light up.  and in front of the camera, she's a natural.  beautifully unscripted.

here are a few images from our impromtu session.  look at these lovely little ladies...