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You’re tired of feeling invisible in your industry.

You’re SO OVER looking identical to everyone else.

You crave images that will create a connection with your audience, energize your brand, and add personality to your business.

It’s time to show the world the leader you truly are.

You’re ready to invest in yourself and take your business to the next level with brand photography.

Now that you’ve made the decision to do this thing, where do you begin? How do you choose the photographer to hire? What will you wear? Where will you shoot? What poses should you choose that look natural and represent who you really are?

How do you take all of the ideas swirling in your head and piece them together to create those drool-worthy photo stories that receive all the attention online?

And the big, burning question — how much will this investment cost?

Needless to say, the brand photography process can be overwhelming. It can feel complicated, stressful and nerve-racking.

And the emotions that arise when the camera lens is pointed your way? The self-doubt that can creep up when it’s time to say cheese and expose your face to the world? Those emotions and insecurities are REAL, and they can cause even the most seasoned entrepreneur to slam on the brakes when planning a brand photoshoot.


Do these questions and feelings sound a bit familiar? If so, don’t you worry.

I’ve got your back, and I’ve got the tool that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs face their fears and self-doubt when planning their brand photoshoot. If you’re ready to take control of your big day and kick the photoshoot-planning confusion to the curb, this is for you:

Introducing The Brand Photography Playbook : The Insider's Guide to Planning Your Photo Shoot and Building a Stand Out Brand.

This Playbook guides you through the creation of your brand story and inspiration board, helps you form a creative strategy, and walks you through the planning process of the shoot details and logistics.

You’ll be informed and empowered about the process, gain clarity about your brand, find inspiration and ideas in the featured photographs, arrive to your shoot feeling confident and calm, and finally create those show-stopping visuals that you’ve always dreamed about.

This guide is meant to be shared with your photographer to ensure you’re both on the same page for your photo goals.

The Playbook will give you the confidence that you CAN get it all done — beautifully.


Inside the pages of the Playbook, I share the signature process that I’ve used while working with hundreds of women entrepreneur as a brand photographer, strategist, brand storyteller, and confidence coach. You’ll hear my visual strategy secrets as I take you from feeling lost and invisible in your industry to getting noticed as a leader.

So whether you’ve already booked your photo session, you are simply curious about what a brand photo shoot actually looks like, or you’re a fellow photographer considering offering brand photography as a service, the Brand Photography Playbook is a valuable resource that you can return to again and again.

Remember: Your best photos and your clearest message will all be a result of a well-planned shoot! The world is waiting to see and learn your full brand story. Let’s dig deep together and get you ready for the center stage of success!

Ready? Order your copy of The Brand Photography Playbook TODAY and receive $5 off with the coupon code: BOSS. (This discount applies to both digital and print copies!)

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