swim fan * gainesville, florida child photographer

the florida heat has arrived and you can find many of us at the pool. this is the first year that i feel my big boys are competent swimmers. but that hasn't stopped me from booking them into swim lessons to be super safe. right now, the sebastian ferrero foundation is offering a free 1/2 hour swim class to children 6 months - 12 years. you can have it at Sun Country, a community pool or your own pool during the week of may 16th - may 22nd. it was easy peasy to sign up....just visit www.sebastianferrero.org, pick your day, fill out the form and you're done. and it wouldn't hurt to donate a lil something to the foundation as well.  we have our lesson all booked up and my boys even get a goodie bag. so a win win situation for all!  happy safe swimming :)

thanks for reading, mikifoto by mallika malhotra