Styling Tips for your Headshot Session | NJ Brand Photographer

Sometimes the hardest part of the photography session isn't being in front of the camera, but figuring out what to wear! 

Your clothing is going to reflect your image so pick outfits that help you exude confidence. Decide what personality attributes you want to convey through your wardrobe. Do you want to communicate being a professional expert? Or a colorful creative? Maybe an inspirational, empathic coach?  Pick something that will help tell your story.

Dress stylish, yet not too trendy because you don’t want a current fashion statement to make your photos look dated in a few years! Simple and classic choices will make your image seem timeless.  A pop of color in your top or a jewelry piece can create interest. Prints are also a nice option, but be sure to stick with patterns that are not too overwhelming. Make sure you select outfits that fit well but that also allow you to move around comfortably.

Tips for a dressier look:  

Dresses or even just the suit jacket can help an outfit have a more formal feel. Accessories can also set the tone of your outfit. They can make your look more conservative, more formal or more funky. For example, a funky colorful blouse can change the feel of a dark pants suit from conservative to creative professional. 

Tips for casual look: 

Dark denim are a great casual choice. V-necks are usually very flattering and can be complimented with a fun necklace or scarf. Avoid shirts with logos or words on them. If you're vibe isn't dressy, you can still look great with a casual chic.

At our signature GET GORGEOUS headshot event, we not only take care of your hair and makeup but we also assist you with your styling. We ask our clients to bring a few clothing options and we help you create two looks for your photo session. Plus, we have a jewelry stylist on our team who brings a table of accessories to help compliment your outfit. Our goal is always to make you feel the MOST confident!

All the above photos were taken at our last Get Gorgeous headshot event. If want to start 2017 with a BANG and update your business portrait, join us on January 24th in Summit, NJ. Unlike other headshot photo shoots, Get Gorgeous is a true experience including hair, makeup, styling, photo session, one edited digital file and networking. There are only 10 slots for only $329. 

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