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You did it.

You booked the photographer and chose the location for your brand photoshoot.

So why the look of panic in your eyes?

Because now it’s time to answer one of the most dreaded questions I hear when planning brand photoshoots with my clients: What on earth should I wear?

Few branding decisions cause the same level of stress as choosing a wardrobe for your brand photos do. With endless options and the desire to represent your brand in an authentic way, it’s down right hard to settle on the right look.

Take heart Brand Diva, I’ve got you covered. This week, I’ve called in the help of my friend and style maven, Priya Virmani of Privee by Priya. If anyone knows how to pull together a lady boss wardrobe, it’s Priya. She agreed to share her best tips on how to pull together the perfect look for your brand photoshoot.


1) Keep it simple

Your brand photography session is an exciting time for your business and for you! This milestone is a major step forward towards business growth. When it comes to your styling your wardrobe for the photo session, simplicity is key.

This is not the time to experiment with outfits that don’t feel like you. Stick with your style. Stay away from trendy clothes that you’ll dislike months after the shoot. Instead, wear classic pieces that will make your photos feel timeless. Avoid clothing that is loud and over the top. Let your personality, smile and the setting of the photoshoot do the talking.


2) Know your brand aesthetic.

It’s always best to add a touch of your brand colors to the outfit you pick. This can be done with accessories, shoes, or a piece of clothing. Do it in a subtle way — not in an overwhelming, matchy-match way!! Focus also on the overall theme of your brand and logo. If your brand is edgy, and you pick a bohemian-looking outfit, it’s not going to work.


3) Be prepared.

Pinterest is a great tool for outfit inspiration. Look for combinations and styles that you relate to and that you can easily recreate. If you’re on a budget or don’t want to buy new outfits just for the shoot, explore the option of borrowing or renting certain pieces.

Choose at least four to six outfits and have them fully accessorized two days prior to the day of the shoot. Do a trial run and try on each outfit to make sure you feel comfortable in each of them. Have each item pressed and ready to go for photoshoot day!


Thank you for sharing these helpful tips, Priya!

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