Style Snap & Share Photo Recap | NJ Brand Photographer

15 women in business joined me at my Style Snap & Share workshop last Friday at the Short Hills Racquets Club. They came ready to learn how to use their smart phones to create stand out photo content on all their online platforms. From blogs to Instagram, these lady bosses were prepared to up their photo game and start telling brand stories. 

I shared my go-to photo strategies for creating eye catching images. We talked about lighting, composition, style, messaging and more. Everyone had access to my famous prop bar which included my favorite books, note cards, jewelry, plates, pens, pencils, planners, desk accessories etc. I also had a stack of different backdrops to create different looks.

It was a combination of live demonstration from me and DIY styling amongst the students. It was so much fun to see them discover their creative spirit. They spent almost an hour creating flat lays that shared stories about their brand. 

We discussed editing and my favorite apps. I was even able to show them how I edit on my phone live and in real time through a projector app that connects my phone screen to my computer screen. Super cool!  We talked about story content, captions, posting and tagging strategies.

The workshop was full of information and that is why I always keep them small, intimate and LIVE. With only 15 people, you can have a deep discussion and get all your questions answered. I wanted my attendees to feel like they learned something valuable and feel inspired to implement on their own. I also wanted to create a space that encouraged meaningful connections and community. 

How can I forget the amazing SWAG bag and dessert bar! Everyone left with their own mini prop bar bag with donations from my generous partners. And we all feasted and got a sugar high from the delicious cookies gifted from local businesses like Splurge Bakery, Squirrel & the Bee, Chocolate Works and Macron Schmacaroon.

It was such a fun morning teaching, styling and photographing. All the attendees left with new photo content that they are now posting on their social media, blogs and online platforms. Sometimes you just need to carve out a day to focus on your creative side. It will leave you feeling inspired! 

If you are interested in learning about the next workshop coming soon in February, sign up HERE to be notified when it's launched. I would LOVE to have you.