Style Snap & Share Creative Workshop | NJ Business Photographer

We now live in a visual world. Our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster then words. And with the rise in image based platforms like Instagram, blogs, Pinterest - the need for high quality images is on the rise. In order for our brands to stand out in the noisy, crowded marketplace, we need to create content, especially visual content like photos and graphics, that looks good and resonates with our audience. And we need to create it constantly to stay top of mind with our audience.

Many of my clients and friends struggle with how to take photos that look professional and reflect their brand. They realize that they have to be posting images often on their blog or social media to maintain awareness and engagement. They want to buy the fancy camera or hire a photographer but sometimes the hefty price just doesn't fit into their budgets. 

I am excited to launch my next creative workshop : Style, Snap & Share on November 18th in Short Hills, NJ A half-day interactive workshop where I teach my creative strategies, editing tips and tricks on how to create photo-content that you are proud to post and share. We leave the techy stuff at home and dive into the creative fun of using your phone camera to tell you story. Learn and connect in a small, intimate group setting with a live hands on practice session at the end.  All you need is your iPhone and a curiousity to learn and try new things!

Who is this for? 

Bloggers, enterpreneurs, small business owners...anyone who needs visual content for their online brand presence.

What will you learn?

* How to create professional looking, stand out photos using your smart phone

* How to edit your photo so it gets the attention it deserves

* How to create a cohesive feed that represents your brand

* How to tell photo stories that reflect your brand

* How to use tagging as a strategy to grow your audience

What will you need to bring? 

Your fabulous self, your cell phone with camera, your phone charger, a pen and notebook and any props that match your brand story/colors that you'd like to photograph (business card, your journal, your lipstick...anything that helps tell your story).  

What will you get?

* Continental Breakfast and bottomless cups of coffee

* Pop up shop + Networking

* Take Home Workbook detailing my go-to strategies for creating stand-out photos

* Access to the Prop Bar complete with books, desk accessories, word art, flowers, etc for you to borrow

* Dessert Bar to photograph and to satisfy your sugar cravings

* Swag Bag of pretty things to keep and use as props

How can I sign up?

All you have to do is click HERE to purchase your tickets. Early bird prices are good until 10/21.

If you are local to NJ, I would love to invite you to Style Snap & Share.  After the workshop, you will feel CONFIDENT creating your own photo-content. You will leave with images ready to share on all your online platforms. You will learn how to edit and develop your signature style. You wil be excited to tell your brand story through pictures. You will feel creative and inspired!