Style Report for Women in Business | NJ Brand Photographer

Your photo session is booked and you're finally ready to be the face of your business. Now the big question arises...


Clothing is key for any photo shoot. You want to wear something that reflects your personality, your style and your brand. It should fit what you do and how you work. It should relate to your audience yet also be a bit aspirational.   

I photograph a diverse group of women in business from creative entrepreneurs like designers, makers and artists to service based businesses like coaches and personal stylists to corporate-esque types like lawyers and real estate agents. Every career or position has its own flair.  So how do figure out your winning outfit?

I have collaborated with my friend and NJ personal stylist, Priya Virmani of Privee by Priya to share style inspiration for different kinds of entrepreneurs in different industries. This will be an ongoing series where she provides styling tips and outfit ideas for you to consider for your next photo shoot, as well as for your everyday style. 

Today's style report will focus on the health and wellness professional. This woman is passionate about healthy living and inspiring others to be their best selves. If you are a health coach, nutritionist, yoga instructor or chef, this style post is for you. 

Style Objective::

Parisian chic, friendly, radiant, flow-y, and comfortable

What my style says about me::

I believe in an organic approach to life, health and apply the same to my clients.

I dress with purpose and intention.

I am a minimalist, my style is understated and is important to me.

I adopt some trends but make them my own.

Key Elements::

Muted Colors:: Plenty of neutrals, grey mixed in with warmer tones like burgundy.

Soft, natural fabrics:: Organically sourced tops with jeans or comfortable harem pants.

Layers:: Soft tees, sweaters. Long sweaters or trench like vests. Scarves are a must.

Accessories:: Delicate jewelry.  Easily layered.  Beads are fun. 

Shoes::  Chic, non-athletic looking sneakers are a must.  

Hope these looks inspire you when looking at your our own closet or shopping around town. I love the softness of the fabrics and the delicate jewelry accents. Remember, these are simply ideas for you to develop your own personal style. If you want more fashion inspiration, make sure to visit Priya by Privee on Instagram