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Privee by Priya

Often, I am asked, "What should I wear to a photo shoot or presentation?"

Today, my friend and stylist Priya Virmani of Privee by Priya shares her expertise and top picks for creating a lady boss wardrobe. Here is Priya's fashion input on the essentials to look both professional and stylish:


My take on how to dress if you are a lady boss is a bit different from the age old “corporate casual” look. The jacket, the blouse, and the dress are all still essentials—but it is no longer about the black jacket or the silk button down or the grey fitted dress. (This guide is for female go-getters in work places that do not mandate a corporate attire.)

 #1. A well tailored suit goes a long way.  Think of it as separates that can be used to create multiple styling options.  Pair the jacket with dark jeans for a clean look. Or wear a polished cashmere sweater with the pants.  

My suggestion would be go for a color. Burgundy or a navy suit are unexpected yet neutral. Watch for the pant length.  A nice crop that hits right at the ankle and is a slim fit will never go out of style. The fabric should have some stretch in it so it looks polished and does not lose it’s shape especially around the knees and waist line.


#2. A polished blouse. Think of this as a replacement to the classic button down. A blouse with lace, for instance, adds a touch of elegance. These are easier to pair if bought in a neutral white or ivory. Look for other details such as a pussycat bow or flared sleeves. These little details make it perfectly easy to pair the blouse with tailored pants or a skirt. Throw a jacket on your shoulders or wear a statement belt...or do both!


#3. A silk scarf. This piece is such a style enhancer. A silk scarf is so easy to pair with a dress or a suit. This little piece of fabric adds oomph to any monochromatic look. Use it to add a pop of color or use it as a coordinating piece to the pant or skirt. The scarf should be silk and have a rich look to it, so have it on as a key piece of the outfit as opposed to a cold weather accessory.


#4. The dress. Contrary to the fairly straight, fitted dress shape, try a dress in a shape that allows movement and comfort. Play with lengths too. Try a mid-length and pair it will a tailored jacket. Prints and color-blocking all work in this instance. And it is absolutely acceptable to skip the tights or panty hose.


#5. The jacket. Elevate your outfit with a jacket that is either printed or has an accent. This accent could be in leather or suede or fringe—just to add texture and dimension. Think of a cropped jacket as an alternative to the traditional cut. The print in the jacket allows multiple pairing options. Coordinate a skirt, pant or dress with the print.


If you buy pieces in each of these categories, you are essentially building a strong foundation for your wardrobe. Quality and fit are key here. You don’t want to get to your presentation or photoshoot with creased clothing! I would say invest in these pieces. Identify the brands you like and wait for a sale if the immediate price point is unagreeable. Research and patience does pay off. Don’t just settle for the first suit you try on at the first store. Look around!

My personal tried and tested brands are: Theory, Ann Taylor, Club Monaco, Rag and Bone, and Nordstrom's private label. I believe your style is your unspoken language, so put a little extra special care into building this capsule. You will love it!

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