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If you’re searching Google or Wikipedia for a “Brand Photography” definition, you’ll probably strike out.

While definitions for portrait photography, personal branding, and head shots are easy to come by, the term “Brand Photography” is relatively new on the scene.

In the photography industry, the brand photography niche isn’t well understood. It can often be mistaken for other things.


Before we define what brand photography is, let’s make clear what it isn’t.


Brand photography is NOT:

Your logo.

Your tagline.

Your colors.

Your fonts.

Your selfies.

A headshot.

Generic stock photos.

Fashion photography.

Your Instagram feed.



So what exactly is brand photography?

Brand photography is a collection of professional and customized images that represent the essence of your brand.

It's a specific type of photography that communicates who you are, what you do, how it feels to work with you, and what sets you apart.

Brand photography visually displays your personality, gives a peek into your process, and communicates your core message. It should be both aspirational and authentic.

Your brand images take your audience on a visual journey that reveals the many layers of your business.


Do I Really Need Brand Photography?

What’s the big deal, anyway?

Isn’t a head shot enough? Can’t DIY photos and selfies get the same result?

There’s no doubt these kinds of images can help your brand, but they struggle to communicate your complete message.

When the time comes to up-level your business and position yourself as a true leader, your images must follow suit. At this point, your business can no longer rely only on a single head shot or styled stock photography.

While DIY photos may be “on brand,” they are not professional and won’t communicate the same powerful message as your own professional, branded images will.


Brand photography provides you with something better. Imagine having a library of professional images that tell a strong visual story without ever having to say a word.

You’ll not only have images that radiate who you are, but you’ll also:

Connect with your audience. Like it or not, we live in a visual world where visual content is king. Placing storytelling images throughout your content allows you to breathe life and personality into your brand. As you share your story, your audience begins to know, like, and trust you.


Stand out. Everywhere we turn, we’re bombarded with messages and distractions. Professional brand photos help you get noticed in a noisy world, grab your audience’s attention, and make your brand memorable.


Elevate your expert status. The business world is more competitive than ever, and most industries are saturated with people vying for attention. Professional brand photos separate the leaders from the amateurs. Great images will help position you as the authority in your market. When you make the move to up-level your images and begin to view yourself as an expert, others will too.


Share your depth. Your brand is more than a pretty head shot. Through professional brand images, you are able to share your story, your process, your personality and your experience. This meaningful reveal will attract dream clients and inspire them into action.


Are you ready to ditch the selfie and position yourself as an expert through powerful, on-brand visuals? Book a FREE discovery call with me today! I’d love to learn more about you and your business and help you bring your brand and message to life.