sitting pretty * gainesville, florida family photographer

it feels like i met robin ages ago. we were both taking a photography class at santa fe college. we both had our own businesses while also balancing motherhood. we both had a passion for children, taking photos and growing ourselves. i respect her for her honesty, patience and kindness. all the attributes that make her a wonderful friend and excellent photographer (especially for newborns). you can find her work here. so when she asked me to take her family's photos, i was both flattered and a bit nervous.  being a talented photographer, she would be looking extra close at all these images.  that is what we do. but after a few minutes with her family and playing with vibrant scarlet and adorable westin, the session was easy and fun. i captured a range of feeling among this family of four.

here are some of my favorites from our afternoon. robin, hope you like them!

thanks for reading, mikifoto by mallika malhotra