Sip Shop Socialize | NJ Business Strategist

Networking gets a bad wrap. Nobody enjoys entering a stale conference room with a pocket full of business cards and making dull conversation. Often you encounter pushy, salesy business owners who talk more then they listen. 

But there is so much power in networking and connecting. You can find support, clients, collaborations, offer help to others, make connections. If done right and in an open, safe space, networking can build businesses and create relationships. 

My friend, Joy Chang, a stylist with J. Hilburn and I decided to create a networking event that we wanted to attend. We wanted it to feel like a party where you could have fun, socialize and connect over drinks and light bites. We wanted it to be in a venue that was beautiful and inspiring. We wanted to create a community for women that woulee encourage them to confidently share their work and their lives.

So we created the Sip Shop Socialize event and hosted it last week at Millburn's boutique, Bungalow (one of our favorite shops). It was a night to meet creative, passionate and interesting women in a fun environment while shopping. Over 40 women attended from all over the Northern New Jersey area including interior designers, coaches, jewelry stylists, stay at home Moms, candle makers and more.  We even raised over $250 for Mission of Hope Haiti.

The night was a H U G E success! But how could it not be when you combine wine and shopping? More then that, strong connections were made and a community of strong women was formed. Keep an eye  out for the next one in the Fall 2016.