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it's good to challenge ourselves creatively.  to push our talent out of our comfort zone.  i have been stuck in a bit of a photography rut so i decided to enroll in a nyc street photography workshop.  it was specifically focused on grand central station.  mostly architectural and indoor.  which means little light or artificial light.  a whole lot of elements that i don't normally shoot with or feel confident about. so, i had to slow everything down. i learned how to adjust my camera to situations where there is little and no natural light.  i learned how to control my shutter speed to capture that creative blur of motion.  almost like ghosts in the images.  i learned how to look at the space around me to find interesting angles and details.

it was hard to feel like a beginner again.  and many of my photos were garbage.  but i felt revived and refreshed to try something new. and i liked street photography, especially the rawness of the imagery.  here are some of my images:

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