she's got a way about her

my new friend, debbie, booked me for my "celebrate love" promo session.  i was thrilled to get a hot mama in front of my camera.  aren't we always the ones behind the lens shooting our kids, our husbands, our dogs...but rarely allowing our beautiful selves in front?  debbie admitted that her last professional photo may have been at her wedding.  probably the same story for most of us ladies.   so what a blast we had walking around haile village, shooting amidst colorful backdrops, talking about life, kids, husbands, marriage and ourselves.  debbie was a natural...real, strong, warm and sexy.  she was surprised at the images i showed her quickly on my camera.  i wasn't.  she's gorgeous.  

now for the rest of you gainesville gals - it's time to dress up, put on some lip gloss and remember your sexy self with a portrait.  take a look at debbie and know YOU should be next!

thanks for reading,

mikifoto by mallika malhotra