Seasons Changing | NJ Photographer

With the seasons changing and the snow melting and the birds chirping, I can feel and see time moving forward. Then I notice that wow, my boys are growing up too. They are getting bigger in size. Becoming more independent. Growing. Changing. 

And then I start to stress….

Where is the time going? Am I missing them growing up?

My heart begins to race because I don’t want to miss it. There are times I want to freeze them and put them in my pockets so I can savor and chew on all of their childhood moments.

But it’s not easy when you are planning and driving - cooking - cleaning - working - multitasking - running - rushing.

Life feels like a whirlwind. And you are just happy to get through the day without yelling a 10th time.

So, how do we slow it down? How can we connect with our families during the everyday chaos? 

It’s the big question that I struggle with daily but here are three things that can help you live in the moment:

1) Unplug. Walk away from the cell phone and your laptop even if only for 15 minutes. We get so caught up with the to dos that we fail to see outside our computer screen. Go outside. Feel the sun on your face. 

2) Music. Next time you are in your car driving to yet another activity, open the windows, the sunroof and blast your favorite tunes. Sure you might look crazy singing but you will connect with your kids in a fun, care free, heart swelling way. 

3) Photography. Keep your cameras close. Capture not only the big moments but the everyday little ones. And take the time to look through your albums and old photos together. There is nothing like visiting memory lane and seeing all the amazing family journeys you have already taken. 

And if you want to go a step further, I encourage you not to wait another year to schedule your family photos. It is so easy to postpone and get caught up in the daily spin. But it is oh so important to take the time to get everyone (including Mom) in the photo. Tell your story. Make it into a memory. Here is one of our favorite family photos taken last year by Lot116. 

If you need help taking a professional portrait, I would love to capture your family’s story. I am now booking spring and summer sessions and working with families who are ready to slow down time with photography. Find out more here and here. Or go ahead and contact me : or 352.682.2533. Or sign up for my newsletter here.

For now enjoy the start of Spring. Get outside, blast that music, keep snapping your pics and SAVOR all the fleeting moments.