Same Old Sucks | NJ Lifestyle & Business Photographer

Photo of Andrea Walker of Smartly Organized.

Sometimes in life, we hit a wall and start to feel burned out. Maybe It feels like Groundhog's Day and your bored with the same old daily routine and to-do list? Maybe you're at a cross roads but feel paralyzed with what to do next? Maybe you feel unfocused and crave some inspiration to get back on track?

Whatever the case, we have ALL been there in life and in business. 

But what matters most is how you get yourself out of this state. We all need a re-start button. Here are five things I do to get myself out of a rut.

1. Exercise. Not only is this good for your health and body, but it clears your mind. I am addicted to Soul Cycle and the intense workout really helps me get focused. While I am spinning away, I feel alert, alive and motivated. Running works too and My Friend Betty recently recommended Pure Barre. Whichever exercise you choose, it will help increase your brain power.

2. Brainstorm. Grab your bestie and meet for a cup of coffee to brainstorm ideas. Sometimes you need like-minded company to listen and share to get back on track. It takes a village to start a business, to raise a family so don't go at this alone. Consider starting a group where you meet on a monthly basis to discuss and help with ideas.

3. Explore. Routine and structure are good but sometimes you need to mix it up. When I feel stuck, I get out of my home office and explore a new place. It could be a trip to NYC, a new coffee shop in a neighboring town or a walk in the park. New surroundings and fresh air will get you inspired. 

4. Meditate. To be honest, I am still working on this one. But I hear a daily meditation and mindfulness can keep you fresh and focused. Take the time out to breathe, relax and think. Your mind will feel lighter and clearer.

5. Get Creative. Make something - bake a cake, paint a picture, take a photo. Get your creative juices flowing and you'll find yourself solving problems in a new way. My favorite creative exercise is designing vision boards. Vision boards are a collection of images that represent all the things you want to do, be and have in your life. It's a fun way to get unstuck and get clarity on your goals.

Remember we all fall into a rut. It's inevitable! Just keep working on how to get out to feel inspired and excited about life and business.

If you would like to get creative and join me at my next Vision and Vino workshop on June 15 in Millburn, NJ, I would love to help you design your personal vision board. Find out more information HERE.