RIP * gainesville, florida child photographer

my computer died yesterday.  one minute it was working and the next it wasn't. i am still recovering from my massive heart and panic attack.  the geek squad guys say it was something with the mother board and my hard drive should be in tact.  so today i scramble (and pray) to transfer my bazillion photos and other data.  the whole ordeal leaves me sick to my stomach.  but i guess its an immediate way to slow down and i did say i wanted to slow down.  so this morning, there was no laptop to work on my usual things.  and instead i watched some morning news, drank a full cup of hot coffee, played with lil A, read a bit of the newspaper and just lingered around. i wasn't a slave to my computer.  it was sort of refreshing.  

so here are some old old photos found on the old old slow slow computer that i am working on now. i chose them because they make me feel peaceful and sane. they were taken in st.lucia with a simple point and shoot camera way before my professional photography days. wish i was there now....

thanks for reading, mikifoto by mallika malhotra