Reveal Challenge Day 2 | NJ Business & Branding Photographer

Day 2 of the REVEAL Photo Challenge

Day 2 : BTS (Behind the Scenes). Show us how you work! How does the magic happen? What is a typical day like? Where do you work? Anything can go for this prompt - a photo of your to-do list, a snap of your desk, a photo of you on the job. The point is to reveal a little bit about your process and your how. Don't forget to tell us a lil something about your day in the text. This visual story is a good one because it establishes a context for your brand and your business. And everyone LOVES an insider glimpse of what goes on behind the curtain.

Here is an example of how I approached this visual story but feel free to creative and interpret as you like. Then go ahead and share online. Be sure to #revealchallenge.

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