Reveal Challenge Day 1 | NJ Business & Branding Photographer

Rise and Shine ladies! Day 1 of the REVEAL Photo Challenge has arrived.

DAY 1 : Show yo self! Put a face to your brand and business. People are interested in seeing YOU just as much as your products and your services. They want to know who is in charge so let’s get up close & personal. Take a selfie or go into your archives and find a recent portrait/headshot. Leave the family out of this one and just show yourself. Then tell us what you do and why. Maybe even throw in something surprising or unexpected. The goal is to humanize your business. 

Be sure to include our hashtag, ‪#‎revealchallenge‬ at the end of your post.

Tip for a selfie: Find good light. I like to face a window or open the front door and face the outside. Then raise the camera high and shoot down towards you. This is the most flattering angle. 

Here are some examples of how I approached this visual story but feel free to be creative and interpret the prompt however you like. Then go ahead and share on social media, blog, etc (tag me if you like and #revealchallenge). 

Can't wait to see!

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