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For the love of props! I am a huge proponent of props at your brand photo shoot. They add variety, story and can help support your overall brand message. It helps your images feel more authentic and gives the viewer a peek into your lifestyle. They also help share your unique and personal positioning, differentiating you from others in your market. Plus, props help my clients feel more "natural" in front of the camera when they have something in their hands. 

When selecting props, think about your process and the items that you use at work everyday. Consider your values, your vision and your lifestyle. Also think about your ideal client and select objects that appeal to them. For example, if you are a personal stylist, you may want to include fashion magazines or coffee table books or jewelry or makeup. Or if you are a realtor, a set of keys or sign reading "home sweet home" may be appropriate. Be sure that your props support your brand story and overall theme. Photos that feel "off" often include items that don't make sense for the person featured.

After photographing hundreds of women in business, my top picks for props for your photo shoot include the following:

1) Coffee anyone? I love including mugs with phrases or words that reflect your mindset.


2) Readers are leaders. Incorporate a book with a title that shares what you do, who you are or what you believe in.

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3) Get to werk! Include your laptop and pull up your website for an extra branding push.


4) Write it out. I love the personal touch of a handwritten note. It feels personal and authentic.


5) Branding baby! Show off your Instagram feed or your business card or any promotional item that includes your brand name. This will help reinforce your message and make you more recognizable.


These are just a few examples of the many props I like to include in my brand photo shoots. There are so many other great ideas that can build your brand story. Objects and things can really round out your story and help you appear more real and approachable. They can truly build connection. 

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