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introducing the storyboard! this is one of my all time favorite products because it allows you to pick your favorite images from your session and tell a story. there are several renditions from 3 - 5 images all within a 15x30 template and mounted on a styrene board to prevent warping. the size is grand and when put on a wall or on an easel, pretty show stopping stuff. here is a sample from maddie and tyler smyth's shoot. i asked their mom, loren, to write something about this product and why she chose it. not only did she do that but also included the kindest words about me and my work. literally brought tears to my eyes!

so take a look at this fantastic product and if anyone is interested in creating one using their session's images, please contact me. i'll knock off $25 from the price :)

The way Mallika can capture a child’s personality is just incredible. Her camera just somehow gets past the surface of our kids and gets to the soul! For me, the hardest part of a Mikifoto session is choosing just one or 2 portraits to display. With that in mind, and knowing we wanted something extra special for our home this session, we chose a story board layout! The story board is a complete sessions feeling in one great piece- we got to choose up to 5 images of Tyler and Madeline just being Tyler and Madeline- with the bonus of Mallika’s wonderful eye behind the camera.

Photo shoots with Mallika Malhotra are more like a play date for my kiddos. They laugh, play tag, get silly, hold hands, and just have a great time. Of course I love the portraits- that is why we get the pictures taken- a gorgeous photo for the In-laws, for my Dad, for the Aunts and Uncles, and for us- but I wanted something to express the side of the session that embraces those quick flashes of my kids, the moments I really cherish and never want to forget. The moment of true friendship between Tyler and Madeline, the moment the giggles start up and can’t be contained, a quick kiss, the spontaneity that only comes when children are really comfortable and really having fun, and with the storyboard I got to choose those moments I treasure 5 times! I get to share those precious seconds frozen in time with anyone who sees the images- and they all say- yep that’s Tyler, yep that’s Madeline- perfect!

A bonus of working with Mallika is just how easy she makes everything. I talked to Mallika about the feelings I want express in the storyboard, give her my 5 picks for the images, and boom- she puts it all together in an absolutely perfect way. You don’t have to have a photographer’s eye or a designers eye to get the final product you want; Mallika’s ability to hear what you want and deliver is one of the things that make her so special as a photographer. No stress, no pressure. I love Mikifoto portraits and plan on continuing to work with Mallika as my family continues to grow- but I have to say my new must have piece for my home is the storyboard- a frozen moment in time to express anything you want in multiple images…really how could a parent ask for anything more!

Loren Smyth January 6, 2010

thanks for reading, mikifoto by mallika malhotra