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Taken at our signature Get Gorgeous headshot event

Taken at our signature Get Gorgeous headshot event

We all get nervous before a photo shoot and want to look our best. This is our moment to SHINE! I have worked with hundreds of women and they all say the same thing, "I hate to have my picture taken." Here are a few things that I recommend you do before the photo session to help you feel confident and camera ready for your big day :

Treat yourself to a facial. Make an appointment 10 days before your shoot date. A facial will help clear up your skin and get that flawless glowing look. Plus, who doesn't like an hour of pampering! If you can't find the funds or time to go to the spa, try doing a face mask at home. I like this one from Tula. Also remember to continue to take care of your skin be removing makeup at the end of the day and hydrating it with creams/lotions. If you are local to Millburn, NJ, I recommend SKNLab in Chatham for facials and skin treatments.

Say goodbye to greys. Book your hair color appointment 10 day before your shoot. Touch up those roots but don't do anything else too drastic. Trust me, now is not the time to change your look. I recommend Dolce Viso in Millburn for all hair services. 

Lashes and Brows. Your eyelashes and eyebrows are essential to your facial expression. Consider lash extensions to give you a full, long lash look. Also find a brow expert who can wax, thread or tweeze your brows to a shape that fits your face. NJ locals, check out M Cresimbeni Beauty in Berkeley Heights. 

Smooth out your lips. Dry and chapped lips don't look good in photos. For the week before the shoot, put balm on your lips on a regular basis. My favorite lip conditioner set is from Beautycounter and is guaranteed to keep you kissably soft.

Whiten Teeth. You can find teeth whitening strips at your local pharmacy from Crest and Colgate. If you are truly self conscious, it may be worth asking your dentist for his help. 

Manicure Time. Take good care of your hands and get yourself a manicure a few days before the shoot. There is nothing worse then chipped colored nail polish. Choose a color that matches your style. My favorite nail salon in Essex County NJ is Avalon

Outfit Ready. Select clothing that fits you well and make you feel confident. Your style should make sense for your brand and work. Make sure to try everything on the day before to make sure the sizing is still right. Bring options of style, silhouette,  color and pattern.

Drink lots of water every day and get enough sleep.  Water and rest do miracles for your skin. Get plenty of it!

Photos taken from our Style & Focus photo event

Photos taken from our Style & Focus photo event

This advanced preparation can really help reduce the anxiety of picture day. You will not only arrive looking great, but also feeling great from all the attention and self care that you are giving yourself. Your photo will show this inner spark and confidence. Plus, you will have a much better photo experience. 

Did I miss something? Let me know if you have another tip or practice before a big photo shoot. I would love to hear it.