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"Specific is a kind of bravery." - Seth Godin

Let's be honest, you can’t be everything to everyone in business. If you try serve the masses, your chance to make an impact dwindles.

Finding a position in the market that is specific is key to long-term success. We must create that niched-down brand and find that specific sweet spot in the industry where we can thrive and provide the answer to a particular pain point.

This is called a micro-niche, and it is how we can make a BIG difference on a smaller scale. Instead of trying to help everyone and anyone, we can give our tailored audience our complete attention, focus and care.

Let’s take a look at my niche for example! Instead of being a photographer for the masses, I narrowed my focus from the broad to the specific. My “micro-niching” looked a little like this:

photography > portraits > business > branding > women entrepreneurs

Being a photography leader in the women entrepreneurial market is far more attainable than trying to be the go-to in the general photography space. (That's really a pipe dream!) Now, I can hone my message to speak directly to this niche of women. Because of this, I really have made change happen for my audience!

Yes, it can feel career limiting and scary to claim a specialization, but it's really THE way to rise above the competition and gain recognition.


How to Find Your Niche

Once you’re convinced that narrowing your focus is the right decision for your business, one usually wonders: How can I find the right niche with so many possibilities?

The key to discovering the answer is to take a step back and look at your past experiences, your passions, your audience, and your message. Grab a piece of paper and objectively answer these questions:

Your Past

What previous work experience or qualifications do you have?

What types of services have you been most successful at in the past?

Your Passion

What are your passions?

Your interests?

What do you feel strongly about?

Your Audience

Audit your recent social media activity — what topics received the most likes, comments, engagement?

Are there any themes or threads that keep coming up?

What are people already coming to you for? What are you known for?

What topics do people trust your judgment and expertise on?

Your Positioning

My product or service is best for people who believe in ____________________.

I will focus and serve people who want _________________________________.

When working with me, I help you get __________________________________.

Are you spotting some common threads and themes as you work through these thought-questions? Where is the overlap? What ideas keep popping up?

Take those ideas and think about how you can use it to narrow your focus:

Where can you be an expert? What small viable market can you best serve?


The niching-down process isn’t always easy. You may have to revisit these questions a few times before it clicks and the answer is clear. Other times, you may need to bounce your ideas off others. Focusing down your business to a certain niche, while necessary, is a process.

If you are feeling a little lost along the way and just need some help, I’d love to support you in this journey. The specific topic of creating a focused, niched-down brand is one that we dive deep into during my Brand Confidential Mentorship program. (A new session of BC begins in April, and spots are filling up now!)

Brand Confidential is a 10-week mentorship and brand training program that also includes bi-weekly group Zoom mentorship calls and a private Facebook group where you’ll receive accountability and support.

The goal of BC? To help business owners like YOU zero in on your niche, gain clarity on your message and get visible in the marketplace.

Katia Paradiso, a member of the current Brand Confidential program, is seeing incredible results as she works to define her niche and leave her mark in the hair and beauty industry:


"I am a master colorist & hairstylist. I specialize in creating dimensional hair color and easy to manage haircuts for the working women that want to go from tired and uninspired to fabulous lady bosses.

I joined Brand Confidential because the thought of blending in the beauty industry terrified me, I wanted to stand out, and I had no idea where to start. By the second week of being a part of BC, I felt more confident about the message I wanted to share with my community. I had more clarity.

The thing I love the most is the support that we get from Mallika and the rest of the amazing ladies in the group. It's such a great feeling to belong to this program."

Brand Confidential officially begins on April 12th, but spots are filling now. If you’d like to apply to be part of my latest Brand Confidential crew, get all the details HERE.

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