Power of Story | NJ Photographer


THIS is why I love photography. It's not so much about the portraits or prints or poses. It is bigger then that. It is all about the story of the people in the image. Who they were once upon a time? How they expressed themselves? What story did they share?

Think about your favorite family photo. It can transport you to a memory and a feeling. You remember the moments of that day. You may remember a special scent or song. You see how you laughed, how you hugged and how you loved. You immediately feel CONNECTED to that time and to those people. That is the power of story. 

I am passionate about storytelling in all my areas of photography - family, tweens and business. I want to get to know YOU and the things that you value. Does your family love the outdoors? Does your daughter dream of being an artist? Is your business vision to change the world? Let's take those personal stories and express them in photography. Let's create photography that stands out and shares your spark.

It's so important to take time to tell your stories. Share them over dinner with the family. Share them over drinks with friends. Capture them with your phone. Hire a professional to photograph your family, your child and for your business. These stories are our legacies and our connections to the people we care about. Stories do matter!