Power of a Photo | NJ Business Photographer

I am sorry to break the news to you but many are judging you by the profile photo you are using in your LinkedIn, on your About Me page, on Facebook and on Instagram. Your viewers are deciding in the first 10 seconds of seeing you if they like you and if you are worthy of them clicking for more information. Your photo is usually the first point of contact and the gateway to connecting. 

I encourage you to do a personal photo check. Look at your current headshot. If you're photo falls in any of these categories, you may be in big trouble:

  • Blurry or dark photo
  • Includes a child or pet or worse is only of your child or pet
  • Obvious that other people in the image have been cropped out
  • Taken on vacation with a cocktail or in your bathing suit
  • Photo taken too far away so you can't even see your face
  • Photo featuring mostly the location and environment with you as an afterthought

These are just a few of the pitfalls that I see online. And to be blunt, these photos do not communicate being an expert or authority or leader in an industry. They say you are not willing to invest in your business. So if you are not investing in yourself, how can you expect your prospects to invest in you and your products or services?

We live in a visual world so your headshot is just as important as your logo or your website. It's your virtual handshake and a staple for all of your marketing. If you need photography help, I am happy to assist you. I am passionate about working with women entrepreneurs and empowering them to feel confident in being the face of their business. 

I have a headshot event called Get Gorgeous coming up on September 15 in Summit, NJ. Details and sign up can be found HERE

PS : All images above were taken at past Get Gorgeous events.