POTD (picture of the day) | Resolution | January 1 2013

Happy New Year friends! Wishing you all the best for 2013. I am very excited to set some personal and professional goals this year. I am diving in head first with my 2013 photo challenge....capturing an image for the entire year. That's right - 365 days. It will be tough but I am hoping the journey will reveal the beauty and details of my everyday life. The best part will be at the end of this new year when I can look back upon all the memories captured. Cheers to the new year and taking on new projects! Day 1 : Resolutions. I have a laundry list of them. But, this is one that my lil Shay is working on. As much as I love to snuggle with my baby, we are keeping our fingers crossed that he succeeds for the sanity of all of us. What's your New Year's resolution?